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Stud Magnets
Stud Magnets These strong Stud magnets can support large strips of vinyl in place. ..
from £26.91
Printable Magnetic
Printable Magnetic Printable Magnetic MAG85 is a unique formula for 0.85mm printable magnetic..
from £9.90
Magnet Squeegee
Magnet Squeegee Use the  Magnet Squeegee to hold your knife when working The Mag..
from £18.23
Magnetic Vinyl Holders for Vehicle Wrappers
Magnetic Vinyl Holders Forget the tape to position your signs! The Magnetic Vinyl Holde..
from £26.73
Magnetic Tip Tape Measure - 8m
Magnetic Tip Tape Measure - 8m This 8m Magnetic Tip Tape Measure is the only tape measure you..
from £10.80
Grooved Magnetic Tape
Grooved Magnetic Tape Grooved Magnetic tape has a reversed magnetic polarity to our popular M..
from £14.40
Magnetic Tape
Magnetic Tape Magnetic tape is a versatile product for a range of display products Ma..
from £14.40
Magnetic Notice Board
Magnetic Notice Board ..
£11.25 from £3.44
Magnetic Wrist Strap
Magnetic Wrist Strap The Magnetic Wrist Strap is ideal for keeping knives, tweezers and other..
from £8.55