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Heat Guns & Hot Air Guns

Brand: Steinel
May Offer: Free Laser Scanner with 2.2m Cable Heat Gun onlyContact the office for delivery lead time..
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Brand: Steinel
Steinel Heat Gun HG 2120 E - Hot Air Gun with 7.5m CableThe professional and powerful all-rounder heat gun for the vehicle wrapping professionalOutput: 2200WElectronically controlled heatgunTemperature: Infinitely adjustable temperature from 80 – 630 °CDesigned with optimised weight and balance.Airf..
Brand: Steinel
Steinel Heat Gun HL 1820 SThree Levels BetterAll-rounder on 3 levels.The three-stage HL 1820 S hot air tool with three temperature settings: 50, 400 and 600°C.A real all-rounder for de-icing, drying, shaping, heat shrinking, paint stripping, soft-soldering and much more.Product Downloads1820S S..
Starting From £76.97
Brand: Steinel
Steinel Heat Gun HG 2320 E - Hot Air Gun For Reliable Use in Industry2300W output80 - 650 degress celsius 150 - 500 l/min airflow rateLCD display3m cord length Product Downloads2320E Spec Sheet..
Brand: Steinel
Steinel Heat Gun HL 1920 E For challenging jobs.Expert class.2.5m cable Electronically controlled hot air tool HL 1920 E.A versatile tool for removing and welding sheetings, welding plastics, shrinking on cable sleeves, shaping, soldering, drying, thawing, stripping paint and much more bes..
Milwaukee M18 BHG-502C Cordless Heat GunThe Milwaukee M18 BHG-502C Cordless Heat Gun reaches operational temperature in just six seconds allowing the user to swiftly complete his/her application.2 x 5.0Ah Li-Ion BatteriesFlexible battery system: works with all MILWAUKEE® M18™ batteriesTemperatu..
Steinel Temperature Scanner for Steinel HL 2120 E HeatgunMounts on top of Steinel 2120 heatgun to measure and display temperatureLED colour display will indicate if the surface is too hot or cold0 - 300 °CPowered by 9v batteryThe HL Scan can be fitted to hot air tools HL 1920 E, 2020 E, HG 2120 E an..
Heatgun HolsterThe Heat Gun Holdster is perfect for storing your heat gun while it is still hot or runningEnsures your heatgun is quickly accessibleThe Heatgun Holster is safe to place a heat gun in after recent useAdjustable strap for application..
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