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Heat Guns & Hot Air Guns

Brand: Steinel
Steinel Heat Gun HL 1820 SThree Levels BetterAll-rounder on 3 levels.The three-stage HL 1820 S hot air tool with three temperature settings: 50, 400 and 600°C.A real all-rounder for de-icing, drying, shaping, heat shrinking, paint stripping, soft-soldering and much more.Product Downloads1820S S..
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Steinel Temperature Scanner for Steinel HL 2120 E HeatgunMounts on top of Steinel 2120 heatgun to measure and display temperatureLED colour display will indicate if the surface is too hot or cold0 - 300 °CPowered by 9v batteryThe HL Scan can be fitted to hot air tools HL 1920 E, 2020 E, HG 2120 E an..
Heatgun HolsterThe Heat Gun Holdster is perfect for storing your heat gun while it is still hot or runningEnsures your heatgun is quickly accessibleThe Heatgun Holster is safe to place a heat gun in after recent useAdjustable strap for application..
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