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Drywipe Film

Brand: Drytac
Drytac Protac ScribeProtac Scribe is a 2 mil (50μ) FDA approved biaxally-oriented PP laminating film with a gloss finish, coated on one side with a pressure sensitive, aqueous acrylic adhesive that is protected by a bleached Kraft release paper coated on one side with a siliconised PE...
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Brand: Drytac
Drytac ReTac WipeErase - Removable Drywipe FilmDrytac ReTac WipeErase - Removable Drywipe Film is a150 microngloss white film that is ultra removable and repositionable.Drytac ReTac WipeErase is a new drywipe film with a white, scratch resistant, hard coat gloss surfaceReTac WipeErase has ..
Brand: Drytac
Product specialist quotes:“Whiteboards often suffer from ‘ghosting’, making them look grey and shaded. In time, the pens used on these boards scratch the surface and when rubbed off leave a very faint impression of previous writing. Once this has happened, there is no way of repairing the whiteboard..
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Brand: Drytac
Drytac WipeoutDrytac Wipeout is a premium, 75 micron dry-wipe vinyl.The clear polyester film has a hard coat dry erase surface that safeguards against ghosting or staining from dry-wipe markersVery durable and sticks to most smooth surfacesSuitable for most indoor surfaces, painted walls and low sur..
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Bic Dry Wipe Pens Pack of 12Bic Dry Wipe Pens Pack of 12 are suitable for writing on white boards and dry wipe vinyl.Available in 3 colours12 Dry wipe markers per box..
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