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Brand: Drytac
Drytac ReTac75 Removable VinylDrytac ReTac75 Removable Vinyl is a printable, 75 micron, white polymeric vinyl with ReTac® ultra removable adhesive.75 micron for easy applicationWith ReTac® adhesive technology the vinyl can be removed and reappliedWith ReTac® adhesive, there is no need to worry about..
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Brand: Drytac
Product specialist quotes:“Whiteboards often suffer from ‘ghosting’, making them look grey and shaded. In time, the pens used on these boards scratch the surface and when rubbed off leave a very faint impression of previous writing. Once this has happened, there is no way of repairing the whiteboard..
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Brand: Drytac
Drytac ReTac150 Removable VinylDrytac ReTac150 Removable Vinyl is a printable, 150 micron, thick printable matte with white polymeric PVC film.150 Micron for easy applicationDrytac ReTac150 is easy to remove and reapplyWith ReTac adhesive, there is no need to worry about surface damage when the grap..
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Brand: Drytac
Drytac Chalkmate PermanentDrytac Chalkmate Permanent is a black, 180 micron blackboard vinyl that can be applied to most smooth surfaces.The pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive is protected by a silicone PE coated white Kraft release linerThe traditional blackboard finish of Drytac - ChalkMate™ mean..
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Brand: Drytac
Drytac SpotOn Floor 200Drytac SpotOn Floor 200 is a short-term indoor, non-slip floor graphics without the need for lamination.Post printed R-10 anti-slip ratingEasy to apply with bubble-free application200 micron, white monomeric PVCCan be used on carpets with 3 month durability on high foorfall ar..
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Brand: Drytac
Drytac FloortacDrytac Floortac is a 100 micron printable matt white monomeric vinyl with a removable grey acrylic adhesive.Suitable for use with (eco) solvent, UV and latex printerswe recommend using the Drytac FloorTac with Drytac's Emerytex® or ScuffGuard laminating films to provide slip resistanc..
Brand: Drytac
Drytac SpotOn™Drytac SpotOn ™ will give you vibrant, high quality graphics that are easy for your customer to apply.This 100 micron printable monomeric vinyl with a unique removable pattern printed, pressure sensitive adhesive is available in a white gloss finishThe dot patterned removable..
Brand: Drytac
Drytac Eco Tex Floor LaminateDrytac Eco Tex Floor Laminate has a scuff-resistant finish that makes it suitable for graphics where excessive handling may be involved.PVC FREEPhtalate FREEDrytac Eco Tex Floor Laminate is a 140 pebble finishOffers excellent UV protectionR10 Slip RatingIdeal for laminat..
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