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Brand: Wurth
Wurth - Cyanoacrylate Super-Fast GlueWurth - Cyanoacrylate structural adhesive super glue is a high quality, fast acting glue for bonding a range of materials together.The Wurth Cyanoacrylate Super-Fast Glue is a solvent free and strong adhesiveSpecially designed cap allows the user to open and clos..
Brand: Wurth
Wurth Cover CapThe Wurth Cover Cap for Hexagonal Bolts and NutsPack of 50Polyethylene cover capsOuter diameter of 20.5mmSuitable for width across flats17 mmHeight 19.3mmSuitable for hexagonal bolts and nutsMin./max. temperature resistance-50 to 60 °C..
Brand: Wurth
Wurth - Activator for Cyanoacrylate AdhesivesThe Wurth Activator for Cyanoacrylate Adhesives is a reaction accelerator for the hardening of Würth Standard Cyanoacrylate SuperglueVery effective on plastics  and can be used on all surfacesRecommend testing on a similar surface area before&nb..
Brand: Wurth
Wurth - Structural Adhesive Bond + SealWurth Structural Adhesive Bond + Seal is elastic PU adhesive for a wide range of sealing and bonding jobs such as metal, wood, stone, painted surfaces, plastics, concrete and much more.Resistance against: Water, Lime water, Public sewage, We..
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Brand: Wurth
Wurth - Standard Cyanoacrylate SuperglueWurth Standard Cyanoacrylate Superglue is Ideal for bonding materials together that include metal, plastic and rubber parts with and to each other.The Wurth Standard Cyanoacrylate Superglue can be applied with one handThe long narrow nozzle is designed to prov..
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